Sage 100 ERP How To Enter Shipments With Multiple Packages In Shipping Data Entry

Shalaine HInshaw

Assigning items to packages:

  1. Expand Sales Order and Shipping. Double-click Shipping Data Entry.
  2. Enter the Shipper ID and select an order number. Note: In the lower left-hand corner, the Current Package field is set to 0001.
  3. Highlight a line item. All quantities shipped will be placed in package 1.
  4. To ship items in another package, click the # button to obtain the next package number. Note that the current package is 0002. All items shipped will be in package 0002.

To maintain or edit items in several packages:

  1. In the lower left-hand corner, click the Item Packaging button.
  2. Select the package lookup and click the flashlight lookup button. A list of all the items and quantities in the package are displayed.
  3. After the necessary changes are made, click the Accept button.
  4. In the Shipping Data Entry window, click the Accept button to save the shipment.

Note: Inventory is only relieved by the amount on the original sales order and not the quantity entered in shipping data entry within the package selection.

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