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Sage HRMS is a modular software, customizable to meet the needs of small to midsize organizations for every phase of the employee lifecycle. Sage HRMS becomes the single depository for employee data. It handles complex challenges of both HR and Payroll with integrated payroll, benefits, recruiting, employee self-service, and reporting capabilities. With a suite of plugins that extend its functionality, Sage HRMS enables you to choose what you need when you need it.



Sage HRMS Plugins Include: 

  • Sage HRMS HR Actions by Delphia Consulting: Easily create paperless, web-based forms for HR processes using any fields from Sage HRMS
  • Sage HRMS Garnishment Manager: Automate the complicated process of calculating and prioritizing multiple garnishments and update timecards with the proper amounts in Sage HRMS Payroll
  • Sage HRMS Active Directory Conduit: Keep Sage HRMS employee data in sync with Microsoft Active Directory, eliminating redundant data entry by HR and IT
  • Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import: Validate and import employee hours into Sage HRMS Payroll from almost any time system data source.
  • Sage HRMS HR Analytics: Simplify reports with this web-based reporting and analytics tool, generating reports quickly without IT assistance, and create charts, dynamic graphs and more with real-time data
  • Benefit Portal Interface for Sage HRMS: Enable electronic, two-way data exchange between Sage HRMS and any third-party benefit portal, transferring data from the provider into Sage HRMS benefit screens.

Features of Sage HRMS: 

  • Single Point of Truth: Keep all employee data in one place
  • Scalable: Scale to meet needs of organizations from 50 to over 10,000 employees
  • Extensible: Add functional modules as your HR needs develop and change
  • Secure: Rely on a multi-level security model the ensures data integrity and privacy
  • Auditable: Access a complete history of changes made to employees’ jobs and pay





Miviva Features

miviva, a comprehensive, continuous performance management software, keeps everyone focused, engaged, and moving in the same direction using goal management, ongoing feedback, and connection to the big picture.

miviva provides a single platform with user-friendly dashboards to set goals, track them against real-time numbers, give feedback, and enhance the performance appraisal process.

miviva is a comprehensive, continuous performance management software for organizations that want to take individual and company performance to the next level.

miviva keeps everyone focused on what matters by providing a single platform for goal management, ongoing feedback, and insight into how their work connects to organizational success.

Success Stories 

Pittsburg Mercy Health System 


PMHS looked at several options but ultimately chose Sage HRMS, partially due to its direct integration with their payroll software. On top of the Sage HRMS database, they added tools such as Sage HRMS HR Actions, Sage Employee Self Service, and Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow to allow employees and supervisors alike to interface with HR information and processes wherever they happened to be throughout Allegheny County.


Robins & Morton


“Our entire organization is benefiting from the implementation of these products. From the HR team who didn’t have to expand as much as they would have if we were still doing things manually to the end user and our employees who can access their own information, update their own information, and process forms electronically now"


Amalgamated Bank of Chicago


Favorite functionalities of Sage HRMS:

“One of our payroll specialist’s favorite functionalities is the ability to save the check stubs as they are because we do get a lot of requests for check stubs. In the past we were able to do that only through a report. Now we can pull off the actual check stub the way that it printed.” She continued, “I know that’s a favorite because he’s mentioned it several times: ‘We weren’t able to do anything like that before!’”

“When payroll was run under Abra, everything came to a stop. We have an attendance process we do every morning at 10. That would always have to wait until payroll was done. Now payroll doesn’t interfere with other things going on.”

“The quarter close process appears to be easier to process than occurred in Abra."

- Willinda Ringer, HR Director 

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

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