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ROI, Inc. has been leading Sage 100 integration for over 20 years. We currently have more than 500 active Sage 100 customer integrations!

If your business has an online presence, utilizes third-party solutions, has multi-company accounting, and would like to integrate and automate - we have a solution for you!

See the Possibilities of IN-SYNCH

We can integrate Sage 100 with nearly any eCommerce platform—even multiple platforms and marketplaces – the sky's the limit! 

Here is just one example of what is possible with IN-SYNCH: 



IN-SYNCH: Making Connections for Sage 100

Increase the power of your Sage 100 (or its predecessors) with IN-SYNCH which provides seamless, real-time integration with other software systems.

In-Synch & Sage 100 ERP


IN-SYNCH automates the data flow between any online marketplace with an API, such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart. We do not charge fees based on order volume.

eCommerce Shopping Carts and Platforms

IN-SYNCH can connect your Sage platform to any existing shopping cart, such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce, including custom carts, multiple carts and more. We can also connect to eCommerce aggregators such as Channel Advisor and CommerceHub. 

Custom & 3rd Party Integrations 

IN-SYNCH can connect Sage 100 with nearly any 3rd party solution including 3PLs, customer portals, shipping, CRM and more, saving you time and money.  We can build a custom API, connect using XML, FTP, flat files, you name it!


                          Intercompany Automation

                            Companies using Sage 100 who are manufacturing and distributing often use the multi-company accounting                                        functions within Sage 100 to keep the two business lines separate.  IN-SYNCH automates Sage 100 intercompany                                data and workflows quickly, securely, and accurately, so you can eliminate the errors and cost of manual postings. 


“IN-SYNCH is so far beyond the integration solution we replaced, it’s not even comparable. Not only in functionality, but the ROI team have all been absolutely amazing!”     

- Joey Bedrosian, Golden Needle

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Save Time and Money by Streamlining with Integration!

IN-SYNCH simplifies your business by maximizing your Sage 100 investment through integration and customization. It offers:

  •   Secure connections
  •   Flexibility and scalability
  •   24/7 independence
  •   Lightning fast data transfers
  •   Real-time, bi-directional synchronization


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