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Stacy Schultz

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Director of Partner Alliances

Direct Phone: 262.798.7602 | Email me at:

Stacy joined the VBCC team in 2019 with a vast amount of experience in consultative sales, implementation and support of business software solutions. As Director of Partner Alliances, Stacy focuses on building and maintaining our alliance partner relationships along with working with clients to help them select the software that will streamline their process and benefit them in the long run. Stacy works with a wide range of industries and specializes in manufacturing and distribution.

Prior to joining VBCC, Stacy worked for JobOps as a Channel Manager for over fourteen years. In addition to working for JobOps, Stacy has an additional sixteen years of Sage software and manufacturing experience.

Stacy is JobOps certified and holds an Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota. Stacy brings a wealth of experience to her projects due to her diverse background. Her qualifications lend itself perfectly to helping clients pinpoint their needs and determine the best solution for meeting those needs.


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