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New to Video Conferencing?

New to Video Conferencing?

New to Video Conferencing? Who isn’t!

As folks are working remotely in these “new normal” days, businesses are taking advantage of video-teleconferencing (VTC) platforms such as Zoom, Go-To Meeting or Microsoft Teams to keep the lines of communication open. 

But … have you also heard the horror stories of virtual meetings gone wrong?  Hackers have been dropping into calls/chats and interrupting/sharing their screens. We don’t want that to happen to us, so here are some steps to ensure we are staying secure. 

Knowing How to Properly Set Up a Virtual Meeting

The use of VTC platforms is not always straightforward and they present many options when scheduling meeting, demos and even webinars.  Knowing how to set up a meeting is always the first step in ensuring your discussions are private.  Training anyone that will use this new platform is tremendously important to your security.  The more you know about the product the safer you will be when sending your meeting requests.

Security Features 

Don’t be shy about using all the security features offered.  Two-part authentication?  Yes, please!  Use a password to log into the meeting?  Sign me up!  It has been all over social media that there have been breaches in VTC meetings. Your clients or colleagues will understand when they have take an extra minute to log in knowing you have their security in mind. 

Staying Up to Date 

There are always going to be threats … hackers just have the time to hack, right?  But if we keep up to date on releases and hot fixes put out by the platform we use, we can rest assured we are doing everything we can to keep our information and that of our clients safe. Below are a few articles we found interesting:

  • The FBI recently released an article related to Zoom
  • This Highfive blog was interesting as well, as a more broad view of all platforms

Lastly, Have Fun With It 

Not every meeting has to be tense, waiting for the hacker to play that Baby Shark song…or worse, the Electric Slide.  Folks are having fun with the cool filters and backgrounds some of these platforms offer.  Did you hear about the lady who turned herself a potato and couldn’t figure out how to turn that filter off?  Imagine listening to a potato talk about month-end closing and payroll compliance!  So, go forth and meet!  Turn on the video feature, show off your fuzzy slippers (maybe just internally 😉) and most importantly, keep your business moving!


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