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What is CimCloud?

CIMcloud by websitepipeline is an all-in-one solution with e-commerce capabilities for customers and CRM functionality for employees, all with seamless integration to Sage 100.

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CIMcloud is a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software platform, providing an all-in-on

Designed specifically for product-centric B2B companies and built with 100% integration to your Sage 100 system, CIMcloud will optimize the way you interact with your customers.e solution with e-commerce capabilities for customers, and CRM functionality for employees.


CIMcloud Resource Sheet
CIMcloud Resource Sheet

customer portal

Customer Portal




E-Commerce Storefront

Cloud Data Hubs

Cloud Data Hubs


ERP Integration

Selling B2B in the modern world demands a user friendly self-service solution that allows customers to interact and transact with you 24/7. They can view customer-specific product information, place orders, view & pay invoices and more.

Unlike traditional CRM, CIMcloud is designed to be integrated with Sage 100, giving you access to all the data you need for quoting and ordering. With a single connected platform, your customers and employees are always working with the same data.

CIMcloud’s E-commerce storefront opens a new channel of interaction opportunities with prospective and existing customers, but adheres to the complexities of B2B selling.

CIMcloud’s cloud data platform makes it easy to move data between Sage 100 and all your business applications (B2B E-commerce platforms, marketing automation, mobile apps, etc.)

With Perfect Sync technology, CIMcloud offers the best Sage 100 integration available. 100% perfect delivery of data between Sage and CIMcloud means you can have confidence that you’re in sync.



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