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Build your construction business with modern financial accounting software



Sage Intacct for construction promotes a user-friendly environment with real-time, intuitive reports & dashboards, automated revenue recognition, detailed job tracking, and a modern approach to the general ledger with dimensions. Dimensions allow for sorting, filtering, and analyzing reports efficiently and straightforwardly. The finance team can easily track performance and compare planned vs actual costs.

This accounting software is purpose-built to manage the specific needs of commercial contractors, construction, and real estate developers. Manual processes are eliminated and productivity is increased. Job tracking includes spend management, related time and expenses, budget tracking, and allocation management. The audit trail is constantly running within all of Sage Intacct, providing peace of mind and compliance if necessary.

With open API technology, Sage Intacct Construction can integrate with many 3rd party vendors.  From payroll to e-commerce, these integrated solutions add value and functionality to a robust product; view a full list here: marketplace partners.  

Not only is Sage Intacct Construction endorsed by the AICPA, but it also was ranked the #1 Project-based ERP Software and also ranked as the Easiest to use Project-based ERP by G2 in 2023. In 2022, Trust Radius ranked it as the Top-Rated ERP System. Although the rankings may speak for themselves, reach out to the VBCC team to see how we can help your construction business succeed.


Product capabilities & features

Construction companies trust and rely on their data when using Sage Intacct for their accounting software.  The financial agility that Sage Intacct brings to the table is second to none.  Here are some key features of the product:

  • Create and manage estimates on your jobs and compare planned to actual
  • Manage jobs from start to finish whether they're self-performed or sub-contracted out  
  • Integrate all of your job information into your financials automatically with Sage Intacct's open API framework
  • Gain 20-40% in work efficiency by automated accounts payable and accounts receivable processes
  • Manage multiple entities and or multiple locations seamlessly 




Control & Manage Your Projects

Measure and track performance and KPIs in real-time with customizable reports and dashboards.  Sage Intacct Construction gives you the control and compliance needed to manage every part of the project seamlessly.  Drill-down capabilities in to the end transaction within three clicks empowers users to make their own decisions and trust the real-time data displayed.


Business Growth is Limitless

With capabilities like multi-entity, multi-location, and multi-currency - your business can grow and expand without any limitations from Sage Intacct.  If you already have multiple companies and/or locations, leverage built-in consolidation functionality.  Allocations can be streamlined within the software to meet your unique needs as well. 

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Never Miss a Milestone

With the ability to access the software anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device, you'll always be in the know.  Visibility in to billing schedules, contracts, and the status of the overall project is right at your finger tips.  Generate the project invoice with confidence and know all milestones have been met with Sage Intacct Construction's robust functionality.  

Why Sage Intacct construction is right for your business

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