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Bigger Nonprofit Impact | Better Fund Accounting Software

Make a bigger impact immediately with Sage Intacct: the #1 cloud fund accounting software for nonprofits. Smart automation helps you cut hours off your nonprofit’s most time-consuming financial reporting and compliance tasks, and automatically updates your outcome and program result metrics in real time.

Work with VBCC's Certified Sage Intacct team that helped develop Sage Intacct, so you can ensure your system is set up for accuracy with automated revenue recognition, embedded collaborative decision-making documentation, and multi-entity consolidations that seamlessly report on your impact around the globe.

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Effortless Grant Management

Save time managing grants, funds and expenditures using the solution that's engineered to handle the complexities of nonprofit accounting.

With a true fund accounting solution, your nonprofit can finally track and support separate closes, as well as installment-based transactions across year-end.



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Compliance Made Simple

Manage transparency for conditional contributions and grants based on milestones and events, all with full accountability and compliance with ASU 2018-08 and ASC 606. 

Keep up with new accounting changes with the true cloud fund accounting solution, which creates separate closes for each revenue source and generates required reports and forms.


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Sensible Automation

Get more done with fewer resources and enjoy real-time insight when you automate time-consuming, manual tasks across AP, AR, cash management, and your GL.

Go further by automating tracking and measurement for your impact and program results in real time. Ensure accuracy and accountability with rules-based automation for spend control and revenue recognition.

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Integrated Data

Bring together all your data into one place with Sage Intacct’s robust APIs that integrate with your internal and external databases.

Imagine: one dashboard with drill down to view trends and details for all your progress, expenditures, outcomes, program results, average donor amounts, and administrative spend – in real time.


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Agile Budgeting & Planning

Make fast, confident decisions with integrated, easy-to-use budgeting and planning tools that help you stretch every dollar to maximize your impact every day.

Real-time insight into your trends, spending, and forecasts help you maintain proactive fund stewardship and pivot immediately, so you can pull ahead of the competition no matter what happens.

Reimagine Your Nonprofit Accounting with VBCC

Compete more effectively for funds

Prove instant, proactive actions in response to real-time trends and events. Automate outcome metrics for a stronger, more effective appeal to potential donors.

Document collaborative decisions

Transparently answer the why behind strategic decisions instantly with the collaborative, comment-driven audit trail embedded right into Sage Intacct.

Leverage true fund accounting capabilities

Support separate closes, as well as installment-based transactions across year-end for grants, funds, and expenditures in multiple entities and multiple currencies.

Connect and build your network

Like you, VBCC’s consultants have a mission: helping you! We work with nonprofits we believe in, and our team is dedicated to helping you broaden your impact year after year.


Gain fast, accurate insight into multiple funds and entities across multiple countries and currencies - all with push-button consolidation that's always up to date on every device.   Install once and enjoy secure, permission-based cloud access worldwide for all your employees, immediately.



Our Mission at VBCC: Helping You!

The VBCC team is committed to working with nonprofits we believe in, which means we’re personally dedicated to helping your team achieve your goals.

You can trust us to support you as you focus on broadening your impact, year after year.

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