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ERP that really delivers. xkzero is an independent software publisher and consulting organization providing specialized software and services for growing manufacturers and wholesale distributors


xkzero Mobile Commerce is a powerful and flexible tool for B2B distributors looking to optimize their Proof of Delivery, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), or Route Sales operations (and more).

 Businesses who meet ANY of the following qualifications can benefit greatly from xkzero Mobile commerce: 

    • Use paper forms, spreadsheets and/or any manual processes for sales and delivery.
    • Distribute, sell and deliver your products using their own fleet of vehicles.
    • Using antiquated and inflexible mobile technology that requires expensive hardware.
    • Staff is bogged down by unconnected or manual processes in separate systems.

iSales 100 is the #1 mobile sales app for Sage 100. A simple, easy to use interface that your sales team will intuitively understand. They'll quickly access inventory levels, customer pricing, order history and transactional information they’ll need to delight your customers and win new business. Reps can either have iSales sync their new transactions, new customers, contacts, etc with Sage 100 automatically, or for those in more remote areas, manually sync when they have access to an internet connection. Built exclusively for Sage 100, iSales 100 manages all of the remote user permissions directly in Sage 100. so everyone gets access to all the Sage 100 info they need (and nothing else).  

                    Mobile Sales App Evaluation Checklist
GetX (Universal Search for Sage 100)


Find almost anything in Sage 100 using a simple and familiar search tool.  The power lies in its productivity: GetX not only provides results, but smartly offers to launch tasks related to each result.  For example, customer service can look up the phone number from caller ID and have the customer record on screen as they greet the customer! Both novice and expert users will experience amazing gains in Sage 100 productivity.  New Sage 100 users can be productive in no time.

GetX Offer

GetX Offer: 60 day free trial available to all VBCC Virtual Conference participants (normally a 30 day trial).