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Invest in your financial infrastructure for your professional service business


reception-2507752_640Whether you’re a staffing & recruiting company, a marketing agency, or a family business providing industry expertise, Sage Intacct’s cloud accounting software can help you grow and scale your business. With capabilities like multi-entity and multi-currency, real-time dashboards & reporting, and the ability to easily integrate with other programs, you will have the best-in-class cloud financial software. Core accounting functionality is user-friendly and can leverage approvals and automatic process flows with audit trails throughout.

As a professional service business, you may rely on your employees to feed you their data like daily time & expenses, project updates, and more. Intacct ensures that data entry is easy and streamlined, but also ensures that data is real-time. Since basic daily data is updated almost as soon as it is entered, that allows the rest of your processes to occur faster and run more smoothly.

Most companies are continuously trying to improve their cash management, project tracking, and even month-end close and a new cloud financial software can help. You have visibility from a 15,000-foot view using dashboards or into the end-transaction by drilling down. Sage Intacct can identify accounting errors automatically allowing you more time to focus on growing and developing your professional service business.

There is a wide variety of marketplace partners that integrate seamlessly with Sage Intacct. From payroll to e-commerce, these integrated solutions add value and functionality to an already robust product.  

Sage Intacct is built for your industry:vp serv


Product capabilities and features

Sage Intacct is the perfect solution for growing project-based companies.  Intacct can help you automate and streamline complex workflows and processes all while data is being updated in real-time, producing trusted reports.  

  • Employee timesheets can automate time entry for accurate billing with the power of AI
  • Keep track of costs and revenue by Project and or Task to give your Project Managers the data they need to stay informed
  • Use the integrated billing feature to get invoices out the door quickly and improve cash flow 


Save Time with Automated Processes

Leverage the built-in automated processes that Sage Intacct offers and free up time for decision makers and end users.  You can see a full picture of invoicing through collections and allow AP to be approved & payed automatically.


Future Proof Your Software Investment

Investing in your cloud financial software means that you're investing in your business.  Knowing that Sage Intacct can grow with your business through multi-entity, multi-currency, and multi-location capabilities, your expansion possibilities are endless. 

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Gain Visibility into Projects

Sage Intacct's powerful capabilities in to reporting & dashboards allows Controllers & the like to see profitability on a specific project or all projects overall.  Your business can shift to a data-driven mindset and rely on the metrics to make decisions. 

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