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Sage Operations Management

Take your manufacturing to the next level

Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting, LLC was the number one Solution Provider in the Nation for 16 consecutive years (2006 through 2020).

mfg-1Elevate your project management and streamline manual processes with Sage 100 Manufacturing software known as Sage Operations Management. This powerful solution automates tasks such as generating purchase orders and work tickets, ensuring material availability, and verifying quote accuracy and production schedules.

Gain peace of mind by proactively monitoring job statuses and providing accurate delivery dates. Access tools to review, refine, and enhance your estimating and job planning processes. Analyze supply and demand to make informed purchasing decisions, ensuring you have the right products and materials at the right time. Easily identify cost overruns and take prompt action.

Enhance customization capabilities with the Product Configurator feature, allowing you to tailor products according to specific needs. Generate fast and accurate custom estimates or sales orders, along with comprehensive bills of materials, to drive profitability.

Sage Operations Management seamlessly integrates with Sage 100 systems, providing small to mid-market companies with a centralized ERP solution that combines operational and financial information.

Sage Operations Management works in conjunction with Sage 100 systems, providing small to mid-market companies with an integrated ERP solution that provides both operations and financial information from a single source.


Enhancements Add Functionality and Increase Productivity

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Enhanced Scheduling

Manage resource allocation and prioritize tasks to guarantee timely delivery and maximize profitability.

Drag and drop scheduling board and tools
Work center calendars
Finite and infinite scheduling


Delivery driver driving van with parcels on seat outside warehouse

Field Service and Dispatch

Automate your service delivery and tracking process to increase field service efficiency and revenue. Streamline your service business by simplifying dispatching and management of your employees and work orders at the same time.

Auto Repair

Product Configurator

Wizard guides you through the process of configuring a customer’s product. Rules-based analysis only allows available product options and configurations.

1. Configuration templates save time and improve efficiency
2. Easy step-by-step configuration process saves time
3. Visual validation shows visual of options selected during the configuration process
4. Price calculation rule gives you end-user pricing based on options chosen
5. Smart part numbers identify a part’s unique features
6. Auto Build BOM and Auto Build Work Tickets

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You will see Sage Operations Management being referred to as JobOps as that was the product's original name.  The same great software, just some name changes along the way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us