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Sage Distribution & Manufacturing Operations

Embrace new ways of working as a manufacturer

Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO) is a stand-alone custom manufacturing software that enhances Sage Intacct or other cloud financial management software to remove complexity and improve visibility into not just inventory, but all aspects of your business. Having real-time data on your inventory levels and reorder points gives your business a competitive advantage. 

manufacturingWhen designing and maintaining item records, users can establish bills of materials and routings. Cost savings and margin gains will come naturally with component costing on the bill of material level. Routings can include not just labor, but also resources needed for machining and tooling.

Work orders are created to fulfill both make-to-order and make-to-stock items. Material and/or labor can be tracked on work orders depending on what your business needs are. Users can enter completions on the fly for finished goods, keeping inventory updated in real time. 

Scheduling has never been easier than with SDMO’s calendar view with drag-and-drop capabilities. Seeing the overall workload by day, week, or month for a specific department allows production staff to easily see capacity levels. When a work order needs to be rescheduled, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping it to the appropriate day. The calendar can be displayed on a digital dashboard for all production staff and to replace your current whiteboard.

All daily tasks will be modernized with simplified workflows and rapid data-entry screens in sales order entry and purchasing. As transactions are entered, reports are updated in real-time allowing for operational visibility and swift decision-making abilities.


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Simplify Manufacturing Operations

Leverage workflows, automated processes, and streamlined functionality throughout the entire manufacturing process within SDMO.  Your business can simplify complicated tasks like product design and inventory planning by taking advantage of out-of-the-box functionality in SDMO.  

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Manage Multiple Warehouses

If you have multiple warehouses, or perhaps multiple retail locations or sales sites, SDMO can help you keep inventory accurate and organized.  Each item record can have multiple 'sites' assigned to it.  Each site record can manage an item uniquely; from costing methods to replenishment rules - you define the correct set up.  

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Stay Compliant Effortlessly

Stay up to date with local and international requirements with embedded compliance capabilities.  SDMO promotes your company's growth by removing the need for administrators to manually update your software. 

Purposefully built for manufacturers

  • Data is displayed on user-friendly dashboards and reports that have drill-down capabilities
  • Explore the bill of materials within the work order to see all associated orders
  • Use note fields within vendor and customer transactions to collaborate internally
  • Room to expand your business with multi-location, multi-currency, multi-lingual functionality

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