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Sage Payroll


Why should you choose Sage Payroll?

Sage 100 Payroll is a feature-rich, integrated and secure solution for Sage 100. Built with the growing business in mind, Sage 100 Payroll automates key processes in ways that minimize error, increase efficiency, and reduce barriers to scale. Deep integration with Sage 100 means that data silos can be overcome and that you can customize Sage 100 Payroll to meet the unique needs of your business.




Personally identifiable information (PII) is encrypted, and extra security precautions are placed on information considered to be highly sensitive. Create an additional level of security on a department-by department basis. If an unauthorized user attempts to access a screen or report, a “NOT AUTHORIZED” message box appears.



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Direct Deposit

Add the Direct Deposit module and generate entries, process your employee paychecks, and produce an Automated Clearing House (ACH) file to be routed to your specified financial institution. Employees can view information using the self-service viewer and choose to split disbursements between multiple accounts based on fixed dollar amounts or percentages.




Customers subscribed to Sage 100 Payroll now get unlimited access to online resources such as the Knowledgebase and Sage City. They can also chat an unlimited number of times and can make an unlimited number of calls to support with questions about payroll and direct deposit.



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