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Meet Kelly 


Kelly Bergmann

Operations & Vendor Relations Specialist

Direct Phone: (262) 798-7628

Email me at:

Kelly joined the VBCC team in 2016 with over fifteen years of customer service and sales support experience along with being an end user of Sage 100 and Sage CRM. As Operations & Vendor Relations Specialist, Kelly works closely with clients to ensure they are receiving the best level of support while maintaining close relationships with our business partners and vendors to make certain we can offer our clients the best solutions to meet their needs. In addition, Kelly manages maintenance, billing, team management, vendor quotes and demos and various marketing campaigns, all while assisting the team with different administrative duties. Kelly is a true multi-tasker and keeps our team on track.

Kelly is Sage CRM certified and a notary. Kelly's experience and multiple responsibilities with both client's satisfaction and internal needs make her a huge asset to the team. In addition to her daily responsibilities she coordinates VBCC's yearly user conference and is a large contributor to the team's business planning and management committees.  

Let our clients tell you about Kelly: 

quote I reached out to three potential reseller / partners. The other two managed to call back, but we’ve not done much beyond trading phone mail. One has scheduled a call with me and then rescheduled it twice now (Not impressed).  Neither managed to get me the information Kelly did, and certainly not as quickly as she did. So far, Kelly has already shown that she can help us and is working to win our trust. The other two resellers will have to work a lot harder if they want to win our business. We want and need a good price of course, but in the long run, we also need a good relationship. Thanks for starting that out on the right foot, Kelly."