What is a Client Review?

  March 31, 2021 / by Kelly Bergmann

We have added a new service for our clients, “The Client Review”.

While we thought the concept was simple, many people have a different idea of just what this means and how it can benefit them, so let me explain! 

Saying it out loud, it seems easy enough. Even reading it you would think these three little words should really be simple to understand, but are they? “The Client Review”…what does this exactly mean for you? 

Our goal is to give our clients a FREE (yes, I needed to make that all caps and bold) review of their Sage Software and related processes to ensure that they are using everything as efficiently as possible.

During the review we will ask things like:

  • What is the one thing that makes you need an Excedrin?
  • What workarounds do you have in place and can they be eliminated?
  • Where are the breakdowns or limitations in your processes?

Now, we are not pretending we can always come in and magically make your processes seamless or help your employees toss out their aspirin bottles in glee, but isn’t it worth a shot? After all, you don’t know what you don’t know, and did I mention it is FREE?

All we ask is for a little of your time. Show us where your headaches are and show us what you love about the system. Show us whatever you feel we need to know to help you improve your business.

Interested? CLICK HERE to read more about this service and sign up for your FREE client review. We promise it will not hurt at all.

Written by Kelly Bergmann