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Sage Intelligence Basics

Sage 100cloud includes Sage Intelligence for free! As Sage 100 clients migrate to Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage 100c), they benefit from this additional, Excel-based reporting option. This makes it easy to quickly create accurate financial reports in Excel. Sage 100 clients who are already using Sage Intelligence have provided glowing feedback.

Sage Intelligence provides you secure access to your data with drill-down capabilities, in a familiar Excel environment. The Report Designer provides the financial reporting formulas and drag-and-drop tools to allow you to easily create reports. You may convert your existing Excel spreadsheets into Sage Intelligence reports or make changes to the standard reports to make them your own. Personalize the interactive dashboards with your Key Performance Indicators. When the reports are complete, you may use the distribution tools to send your Sage Intelligence reports in the required format to those who need them.

Click here for step-by-step instructions to get started with Sage Intelligence on your system, with your data. For a quick preview of Sage Intelligence click here.

Sage Intelligence is very popular. If you’ve migrated to Sage 100cloud or own the Designer and have not used it, take it for a test drive today. Stop exporting data and manually entering it into Excel, risking mistakes. Convert your spreadsheet to a Sage Intelligence report to update it with the click of a button. Test the drill-down features and automatically distribute your reports, using your ERP software to become more efficient.


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