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Formerly Known As…

Formerly Known As…

A customer recently said he was not interested in Sage 100cloud as he wanted to use on-premise software. It highlighted the misconceptions many have due to the name changes Sage 100 has been going through. Sage 100, Sage 100c and Sage 100cloud are virtually all the same products. Sage as a company introduced Sage 100c with “c” standing for connected. The difference between Sage 100 and Sage 100c is just basically how you pay for it. Sage 100 is a purchased model with annual maintenance payments; and Sage100c is a subscription model to better align with the rest of the software industry. Functionally, they are both the same product. However, to encourage migration to Sage 100c a few extras were added – free DSD Multibin, enhanced lookups, access to Sage 100c Manufacturing, access to AP automation, Sage Intelligence and exclusive 100c only future products. The “c”, (connected) means that there are add on products that Sage 100c can connect to such as Sage Inventory Advisor, AP Automation and the former Sage Payment Solutions.

Now, for the newest kicker:

From now on Sage 100c will be known as Sage 100cloud.

So where does Sage 100cloud fit in to this? Sage as a company recognizes customers appreciate cloud products and wants to highlight that they are there. Sage 100c is being rebranded as Sage 100cloud because its ability to “connect” to cloud-based products the same as Sage 100 and Sage 100c did. Even Sage said it is more of a marketing clarification as “a way to reinforce the connected cloud capabilities of the c-line products and align closer our native cloud solutions under Sage Business Cloud”. Sage 100cloud will still be a subscription model with some minor changes, and Sage 100c will no longer exist. It should be noted that all three are on-premise products. However, with the right host, they can reside in the cloud if one wishes to put it there. In the future, we can expect to see more cloud connections as Sage expands its offerings and alliances with third party products. So, for right now, only the name keeps changing … but, at the heart of it all, it is still the same Sage 100, or for some of us older folks - MAS90.

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