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Increase Profit with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Software Experts

Increase Profit with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Software Experts

The implementations of new Sage 100cloud manufacturing software solutions are frequently complex and often time-consuming. When you consider how critical it is to achieve good outcomes, it’s crucial to have a partner on your side that is efficient and experienced to save you time.

Read more about what to look for in a certified Sage 100cloud discrete manufacturing software expert to ensure your implementation is delivered successfully and your go-live is on time.

Experience with the Software

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing SoftwareLook for seasoned solution consultants with many years in their field. For example, the team at Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting has, on average, 20 years experience with Sage software. Also, certifications are often available from the solution’s developing company, which typically require dozens or hundreds of hours of training to attain.  

This long-term experience means your partner will most-likely already have proven project plans that have been honed and refined through multiple implementations, saving you time during your project due to those efficiencies gained from experience. When you consider the complexities of the accounting and finance function coupled with the requirements of discrete manufacturing processes, it’s important to have confidence in the knowledge of your consultant to guide you to an ideal configuration.

Experience with your Industry

Few industries have the level of diversity and unique processes we see in discrete manufacturing. Your accounting system will certainly need to interact with many diverse areas within your business, so having a partner that has previous experience specifically within your industry is crucial. 

By understanding your unique needs, the right Sage 100cloud discrete manufacturing expert will be able to anticipate what to watch out for, what to include, and how to optimize your solution. This industry expertise also benefits you by shortening the number of iterations required to get your dashboards and reporting built to suit the insights your business requires. An experienced consultant will have built the analytics you need dozens of times before.

Long-term Support

Often overlooked is the long-term support required post implementation. Be sure to check that your consultant offers ongoing support, training, customization, upgrade support, and integration capabilities as your business grows or evolves. You’ll want to make sure you’ll get a timely response when you need it so your business runs continuously.

A great partner should also proactively create awareness of new add-ons to increase the sophistication of your discrete manufacturing solution so your software continues to support your business with new time savings and automations. Often, your consultant can also offer customizations including custom development for companies with highly unique needs or business processes.

The team at Vrakas/Blum is the Number One Manufacturing Solution Partner for 13 years running. Our collective experience can save you time and create efficiencies with Sage100cloud discrete manufacturing software. Contact Vrakas/Blum today!

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