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Sage CRM

Benefits of Using Sage 100cloud Integrated with CRM

The Importance of Sage 100cloud Integrated with CRM A perfect storm of high customer expectations, more choices, and price sensitivity has manufacturers looking high and low for ways to compete and thrive. An...

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Increase Profit with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Software Experts

The implementations of new Sage 100cloud manufacturing software solutions are frequently complex and often time-consuming. When you consider how critical it is to achieve good outcomes, it’s crucial to have a partner...

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Looking At the Whole Picture

Have you ever had the experience of speaking with someone over the phone so many times that you build up an image of what that person looks like in your mind? If so – and most of us have – you probably recall the...

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It’s What You Don’t Know That Can Hurt You

The author Mark Twain was once asked about his many business ventures – most of which had failed. Twain explained how his ventures had failed not because of bad technology (most of the items he invested in became very...

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Better Data Quality, Better Business Results

In this acronym-rich industry of ours there’s still one acronym that I hold above all others because its truth is undeniable: GIGO. For those of you who might not remember this one, it stands for “garbage in, garbage...

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What Do I Get with a Sage Business Care Plan?

Ever wonder why every year, you get a notice to renew your Sage Business Care plan as part of your Sage 100 software investment? Have you wondered what it includes exactly? In this article, we’ll answer those...

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Sage 100cloud vs QuickBooks

Flexibility and Customization Some differences between Sage 100 and QuickBooks may seem subtle on paper. In reality, subtle differences in transaction processing may make or break an organization. For smaller...

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How to Manage Marketing Consent

Depending on where you do business and the local privacy laws in your region, you may be required to have evidence of marketing consent from your contacts. In other words in order to send email, call or text, your...

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