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Sage 100cloud vs QuickBooks

Flexibility and Customization

Some differences between Sage 100 and QuickBooks may seem subtle on paper.  In reality, subtle differences in transaction processing may make or break an organization.  For smaller companies, fewer transactions mean a workaround is not a big deal, but for larger companies the extra time per transaction can add up to a very expensive process.  Sage 100cloud provides many customization features to allow you to run your business the way you work best.


Stronger Accounting

Sage 100cloud has been supported and distributed by accounting firms for 35 years.  This impact on product development has resulted in extremely strong accounting procedures built in.  Sage 100cloud has been GAAP certified.  Sage 100could provides an audit trail of historical transactions, for reliable financial statements. 


Designed for Multiple Users

Sage 100cloud has been designed as a mid-market solution for growing companies with an accounting department.  Features are built in to allow multiple people to work in the system concurrently.  Multiple users were not an afterthought to a product originally designed for a single user. 


Purchasing Features

Sage 100 Purchase Order provides multiple unit of measure capabilities.  It also tracks the Purchase Order Clearing account, allowing you to receive inventory items independently of the invoice.  The 3-part matching occurs automatically in the system and maintains balance sheet and income statement integrity.

Sage 100 allows the flexibility of ordering all types of items from inventory items to supplies.

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Inventory features

Sage 100cloud provides very strong inventory features and functionality.  It is designed for  companies that may have multiple locations and complex inventory requirements.  Sage 100 also allows many GL posting options for inventory.   Sage 100cloud targets mid-market companies with more complex  inventory and accounting needs, providing multiple strong options for valuation methods.  Sage 100 handles back orders and partial shipments extremely well.

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National Accounts

Sage 100 provides deep functionality related to handling national accounts.  You can control which entity receives the billing and how credit limits are shared. 


Sage CRM

Sage 100cloud has very tight integration to Sage CRM and even offers a free user license.  Your sales staff will find the seamless integration very powerful in assisting with your sales and sales-management processes.  Tight integration to Outlook allows Sage CRM to provide a one-stop solution for sales tracking.

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Sage 100cloud database is designed to handle large amounts of volume.  Growing companies often find an entry-level solution will bog down as their transaction volume increases.  Although there’s really no limit, documentation supports Sage handling file sizes around 2GB vs 1GB for QuickBooks Enterprise:

“In theory, there is no limit to the size of your file, but in reality, you are getting into a danger zone in QuickBooks Pro and Premier when you get to around 150MB. QuickBooks Enterprise is more robust and starts to max out around 1GB. Large files can be slow and tend to be corrupted much easier.”


Data Management

Sage 100cloud has many search capabilities designed to easily locate information in a large database.  Searches can be personalized or shared with a group.  The on-screen find and drill-down capabilities are supplemented by strong reporting and alerts.



Sage has 5 different reporting tools that allow users to easily obtain management information.  This covers a wide range of simple and easy-to-use to very powerful reporting.  Each reporting tools brings additional advantages to the system, providing the right tool for each inquiry job.  All forms can be customized for your business.  The reporting is built in and part of Sage 100 processing.  Reports do not have to be run outside of the system.


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