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Appreciation Blog

Appreciation Blog

I found myself strolling down nostalgia lane recently and reflecting on the truly amazing customers Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting has the privilege of working with. The diversity of their needs and challenges keeps me energized with a constant supply of new puzzles to figure out and with the flexibility of Sage 100 and Operations Management, I am always excited to share a variety of solutions to a problem. (Never been one for a blanket answer of “that’s just the ways it’s done!” – we need options, people!!)

With over 30 years of customer relationships and success – from small projects to entire ERP implementations – is it humbling to work alongside the VBCC team’s collective experience. This may just be the 80s child in me (where all obstacles could be overcome with a montage and a great song), but I do love being challenged. Challenges mean growth and nothing is more satisfying than the “dare to be great” situation.

In my nostalgic journey, I jumped on the website and took some time to read through success stories and support solutions – but what really made me stop and think was our client testimonials. Helping and supporting customers is what VBCC does, but what struck me for the first time was the TYPES of responses we actually receive.

Everyone gets surveys texted and emailed to them – “rate this product”, “tell us about your experience”, “we value your feedback” – but how many of us ACTUALLY answer them? And if you do – what kind of feedback to you give? The vast majority of us only respond when there is an issue or a problem – but rarely do we see positive comments. Usually, it is a check box stating “Yes, I am satisfied” or some other default response that indicates I’m not displeased. Then I re-read what our customers have been saying over the years about the VBCC Team – AND IT STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS.

“I wanted to reach out to say how much I appreciate Kellie Kaufman. Once you have had Kellie to work with, you never want to be without her. Kellie is the BEST! Thank you, as always, for EVERYTHING!" 

I am very excited about our upgrade and even more so because Buffy will be helping us! She has always been great to work alongside and continues to be helpful for every project she assists us with!”

Every time we work with Lisa we get the job done and have fun while we're at it. Not something you come by every day.”

“Justin is a tremendous help to our company and myself! I cannot thank him enough. He took a difficult situation and made it easier than I ever thought it would be. Thank you!”

“A+++++ Superb! VBCC was excellent as usual ... Dana answered all my questions and I didn't even need the whole time allotted that's how efficient and knowledgeable she is!”

Now I ask you – WHO GIVES RESPONSES LIKE THIS? Based on this listing of examples, you are probably thinking “you put your thumb on the scale and are only taking a few quotes”, right? There are PAGES of responses like this!

Not only are they the kindest and most appreciative comments, but our customers have actually taken their own time to let us know about their experience.

It is amazing to be part of the VBCC Team – but it is even more humbling to call these individuals our customers.

Thank you to all our past, current, and future Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting Customers!!

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