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What's in the Sage 100 ERP for 2013

Sage ERP MAS 90 Has A New Name And An Upcoming Release Filled With Enhancements
The Sage 100 ERP 2013 release (also known as Version 5.0) is scheduled for release in the fall. Many of the new capabilities planned for this release are customer-requested enhancements. Sage also continues to expand the connected web services available for customers, and to provide more flexible deployment and pricing options. Here we cover just some of the new capabilities that will be found in the upcoming release.

Expanded Accounts Payable Invoice Numbers
With the Sage 100 ERP 2013 release the Accounts Payable Invoice Number is expanded. It will accommodate up to 20 characters so that the entire invoice number of a vendor can be entered, minimizing the need to truncate. This will simplify the process of matching invoices from vendors, and reduce errors because you will be able to use the entire vendor’s invoice number in the Sage 100 ERP system.

Naturally, the new longer invoice number takes up more space on reports. Sage is planning to keep as many reports in convenient portrait format as possible. As a result, some reports and listings, such as the Aged Invoice Report and Trial Balance, will be slightly modified. Journals and Journal Comments that contain references to the Vendor Number, Invoice Number, and Comment Detail will use additional rows in order to accommodate the longer field length.

More to come in the series.

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