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The Most Popular Enhancements   Requested by Customers

The Most Popular Enhancements Requested by Customers

You’ve probably heard by now ... the newest release of  Sage 100 ERP includes over 60 enhancements that were submitted and voted on by customers like you using the Sage 100 Ideas Portal.  Let’s look at the most popular core financial features added as a result of your feedback.


Expanded Vendor Names    

We’ll start with the most popular request generating over 240 votes on the ideas website ‐ the length of the vendor name field has been expanded to 50 characters. Some of the customer comments included having to write checks by hand because Sage 100 would cut off the vendor name and sometimes checks would be returned as a result. The new 50‐character length is 10 more than industry standard.  


Reverse Journal Entry

The ability to more quickly and easily reverse journal entries generated over 70 votes. A new one‐click automatic journal reversal feature eliminates the previously time‐consuming and painful process of manually reversing the error in Sage 100 ERP. The reversal is written to General Journal Entry, along with a journal comment, where you can review the entries prior to updating and creating a complete audit trail.


Default “Print Full Comments”

Another popular request with over 100 votes is a new checkbox default to Print Full Comments in journals and registers.  According to user comments, Sage 100 customers would print journals or registers only to discover they hadn’t selected the “Print Full Comments” checkbox. They then had

to take time to go back and re‐run the reports. With this new feature in Sage 100 ERP 2015, your most recent option selections will roll forward as your new default settings.


Out of Balance Notification on GL Detail Report

For many customers, the General Ledger Detail Report is your audit tool for making certain everything is posted correctly by account.  With the new out of balance notification that’s prominently displayed on the report, you can easily spot ‐ at a glance ‐ potential issues. Any errors are called out in bold print right next to the report totals.  This feature has also been added to the General Ledger Detail by Source Report in Product Update 1 for Sage 100 ERP 2015.


Get the Whole Scoop

With over 60 customer‐requested enhancements, we’ve only scratched the surface featuring some of the most popular requests. Feel free to contact us for a copy of the release guide for Sage 100 ERP 2015 to get full details. Or get in touch if you need help with an upgrade.

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