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Hard Place and a Rock

Hard Place and a Rock

Run out of inventory and you can’t produce product to meet demand or you can’t sell that item to a customer. The customer goes somewhere else and may not return. The stuff that keeps business owners awake at night.

The simple solution is to stock more inventory. But is that really the solution? After all, that inventory is costing you money and it’s just sitting there. Worse yet, it is taking up valuable space; real estate that can be used for other things. Couple that cost with the opportunity for shrinkage, the likelihood of obsolescence and the time and resources to count it each month, that inventory is costing you a lot. You can just see the cash going out the window.

Fortunately, the intelligent folks at Netstock have a solution; it is called Sage Inventory Advisor or SIA for short. They have developed an app that is the inventory ninja; making sure you have the inventory when you need it and not more than you need.

Inventory is a key asset and managing it can help you grow by freeing up capital that would normally be tied up sitting on shelves in your warehouse.

SIA uses the software as a service and subscription model. A small piece of code is loaded on your computer to send the inventory information to Netstock. Their system runs your numbers through their algorithms to determine the proper stock balance and reports it back to you. From there you can start doing high-fives on the money you are saving by not carrying excess inventory. However, if you don’t see much change, you can cancel the service and sleep well knowing you are doing a pretty darn good job of managing inventory yourself. Either way, you win.

Tired of being between that hard place and a rock? Contact us and we can send you an intro video and introduce you to the people at Sage Inventory Advisor.


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