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3 Benefits of Integrated Manufacturing and Sage 100

3 Benefits of Integrated Manufacturing and Sage 100

Companies Thrive with Integrated Manufacturing and Sage 100 

It’s now more important than ever for Manufacturing businesses to focus on controlling costs, increasing profitability, and guaranteeing product quality. Integrated Manufacturing and Sage 100 solutions offer an all-in-one solution that can help propel growth and increase efficiency.

The Purpose of ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software allows you to manage your resources effectively. Processes run through a single central system for a complete overview of your planning, inventory management, sales, and finance. ERP manufacturing software such as Sage 100c enables you to manage your business operations, achieve consistent quality, and capture new sales opportunities.

The Role of a Manufacturing Solution

Manufacturing solutions, such as Sage Operations Management also more widely known as JobOps, are designed specifically to streamline your manufacturing processes. Your manufacturing business benefits from costs savings, delivering better products, improving insights, and reducing waste. Manufacturing systems do what your ERP typically cannot. For example, a modern manufacturing solution helps identify inefficiencies in your supply chain and provides data that can be analyzed to improve operations. 

3 Ways ERP and Manufacturing Solutions Work Together

Whether you need help with inventory management, production scheduling, or regulatory requirements, our Vrakas Blum manufacturing ERP software has you covered. Manufacturing accounting software helps you make informed financial decisions and frees up cash for technology-intensive products with shorter life cycles.

Our supply chain systems help with managing inventory, controlling production costs, analyzing profitability and streamlining business operations.

  1. Monitor Every Step: Understand what’s happening at every step of the supply chain by managing the manufacturing process from start to finish. Get an overview of your business data with cloud functionality, and direct money to the areas of your business that need it most.
  2. Reduce Waste: With strategic manufacturing systems, you can minimize waste to cut costs, help the planet and remain compliant. Streamline your operations to get the most out of valuable resources. Reduce waste and ensure environmental compliance.
  3. Increase Cash Flow: Raw material pricing volatility makes it difficult for manufacturers to offer quality products at consistent prices while balancing profitability. Manufacturing ERP systems that are combined with MRP allow businesses to focus on turning a profit while effectively managing resources, monitoring production schedules, and processing orders on time.

Getting Started is Easy

To see how these solutions can increase your company’s profitability and streamline your processes, contact the experts that know Sage 100 and the Manufacturing industry.

Call us 262-797-0400 or visit our site to contact Vrakas/Blum today!

Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting is the #1 Manufacturing Solution Provider for 15 years running and a Sage Diamond partner. Our collective experience can save you money, time and create efficiencies. 

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