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Sage 100 Manufacturing Product Configurator Helps Wrangle Up Items and Bills of Materials

Sage 100 Manufacturing Product Configurator Helps Wrangle Up Items and Bills of Materials

Manufacturing product configuratorSage 100 Manufacturing Product Configurator 

For manufacturers that build to order, it’s common to find tens of thousands of items and bills of materials in their system. This is usually because they have been creating a new item for every new item, which has resulted in an unorganized, heaping mess of clutter. Your internal users are frustrated because they can’t find anything. Also, everything has to be manually entered to create a new order. All of this could be avoided with the addition of a manufacturing product configurator to your Sage 100 tech stack. Here are some ways smart companies save time and avoid chaos.

Intelligent Identifiers

If you’re like a lot of busy manufacturers, you’ve probably got lots of internal guidelines for how to name a part in the system. For example, you may include phrases or codes you’ve made up in an effort to make things easier to use. The Product Configurator for Sage 100 manufacturing, you get automation that takes your configurable item as the basis and creates a smart part number as the unique identifier for that new item. Sage 100 software with Product Configurator automatically takes you through a wizard once it detects the setup of a configurable part. Once all your customer’s configurations are entered, your Smart Part Identifier is created to represent this new custom item.

Creating Quotes Gets Quicker

Creating quotes, especially multiple quotes for clients that like to see their options, is easier than ever with Product Configurator. In one click, you can load the last quote you made to the screen and use that as the basis for the new quote. Now all you have to do is adjust the configurations for this option rather than entering it all again from scratch.

Product Configurator makes it easy to save your latest configuration as a template. This feature also saves your team time when there are promos or sales because they’ll be able to choose from these saved templates and easily modify them. When someone wants that item, it’s quick and easy to select that template from the library.

Iterate and Communicate Easily

Intelligent, built-in automation to your Sage 100 system, the Product Configurator instantly generates your quote or sales order with all line items, specifications, upcharges, etc. listed. You can send the quote to your customer to confirm its accuracy from inside the system. In the event you want to make further changes, you can easily pull up the quote in the system, update it and retransmit the reconfigured quote in just a few clicks.

The Product Configurator details all the options, specifications, base charges, and upcharges on the quotes. Additionally, there's less confusion about what has been ordered on the sales order. This means you’ll avoid having to remake orders because there was confusion during the ordering process. You can even set up rules in the system that forbid configurations that should not be allowed or don’t make sense. For example, there’s no need for a two-handle lockset if it’s not a double door.

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