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Sage Distribution & Manufacturing Operations

Gain resiliency and improve efficiencies in distribution

distribution trucksToday’s distribution companies are in a “just in case” mindset yet still need to run lean. To accomplish both, your business must have a good understanding of not just your on-hand inventory, but also incoming demand and supply.

Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO) removes complexity and improves visibility not just into inventory, but all aspects of your business. Having real-time data on your inventory levels and reorder points gives your business a competitive advantage. 

Many distributors struggle with planning for the future.  SDMO gives your users visibility into the data to help them gauge demands, collaborate with suppliers and customers, and analyze historical trends.  Having easy access to these data sets can vastly improve forecasting opportunities.  

All daily tasks will be modernized with simplified workflows and rapid data-entry screens in sales order entry and purchasing. Many processes can be automated to help combat labor shortages and increase productivity.  As transactions are entered, reports are updated in real-time allowing for operational visibility and swift decision-making abilities.


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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Internal users have data available at their fingertips to guide and assist customer inquiries. eCommerce integrations allow customers to shop from anywhere, anytime. With these efficiency gains, your business can focus on existing customer satisfaction and expanding in to new markets.  

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Cloud-Native Software

Remove the security risk of ransomware attacks without compromising functionality and ease of access to your software for your users by choosing SDMO, a cloud-native product.  Reduce IT and administrative costs and also gain peace of mind with regular backups and a rapid disaster recovery plan.  

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Streamline Buy to Order Process

SDMO's purpose-built software for distributors promotes the buy-to-order workflow process.  Users have a quick view in to current inventory levels and incoming demand so they can react fast.  Purchase orders can be entered rapidly and the approval process follows rules that your business controls.   

Designed for distributors

  • Data is displayed on user-friendly dashboards and reports that have drill-down capabilities
  • Know what you have and what it's worth with a single source of real-time inventory data
  • Use note fields within vendor and customer transactions to collaborate internally
  • Transition your supplier relationships to be more strategic than just transactional
  • Room to expand your business with multi-location, multi-currency, multi-lingual functionality

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