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Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

Modernize your Distribution and Manufacturing Processes 

Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO) is the first and only purpose-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in the market today. SDMO prides itself on its ability to simplify and automate many processes by removing complexity and empowering users.

Companies are able to gain insight in to real-time operational data through reports and dashboards that display inventory, workorder, and even production data. With just a few clicks, a user is able to process workorders and invoices right from their own dashboard. SDMO promotes efficiency and productivity which allows decision makers to focus on what is important to them & their business.

End-users and top-level managers alike can manage and maintain inventory throughout its entire life cycle. Workflows allow for streamlined processes within all functional areas including sales, receiving, and inventory management.


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Go Beyond Manufacturing & Distribution

Not a Manufacturer or Distributor?  Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations works for many industries beyond just the obvious ones.  Click below to read more about other key verticals - 

  • Assemblers will see immediate results in productivity with streamlined bill of materials and work order creation.   

  • SDMO can help fabricators improve margins and be decision ready.

  • Kitting businesses will be able to shorten cycle times and get inventory out the door faster.


Streamline Data-Entry

From the sales cycle to inventory put away - your users follow guided, yet flexible, procedures. SDMO's data entry screens promote efficiency with rapid entry grids in purchasing, sales order, and other like-modules.  Basic approval processes can be set up and configured to ensure accuracy but also know data is tracked every step of the way.  


Modern Work Orders

Plan the most effective use of resources by seeing all work orders in a calendar-like view on one screen.  With drag and drop capabilities, your production staff can quickly reschedule and adjust capacity.  Work order tracking and inquiry displays actual material and labor costs, work in process, and resource assignments.


Design and Maintain Items

Accurately design and manage items with bill of materials (BOM) and routings.  BOMs consist not just of a list of components, but also quantities, scrap factors, and costs.  Each route includes a list of operations with set-up and run times.  With SDMO you will be able to precisely cost your items and not second-guess data.  

Room to Grow your Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses 

As your business grows and changes, your options are unlimited since SDMO is built to allow for multiple locations, currencies, and languages.

Innovation is key to expanding your business. SDMO’s open-API framework allows your company to easily integrate with other marketplace solutions to add even more functionality to an already powerful product.

SDMO is a cloud-native product which allows your business to break-free of the on-premise mindset. You will no longer need to worry about upgrades, backups, or security risks. 

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