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GL Posting and Segment Substitution

In Sage 100, you can use General Ledger segments to slice and dice your data for financial reporting.  Here’s how you use Sage 100 to automatically post data into these segments.  You can post by warehouse, Customer or Product Line (but you can’t substitute all three at the same time).  Sage 100cloud Manufacturing provides more sophisticated segment substitution, but we’re not going to cover manufacturing here.  Let’s go through the Sage 100 setup screens and run through an example.

General Ledger Setup

Account Structure Maintenance

  • First, define the segments in your Chart of Accounts in General Ledger > Setup > Account Structure Maintenance
  • This sample company has 4 segments:
    • Core – Customer – Location – Product Line
    • These are all segments that can be substituted
    • BUT you can’t substitute both Customer and Location – You must pick one
  • Additional segments can be added BUT CANNOT BE REMOVED. Use caution when adding segments.

Sub-Account Maintenance

  • In General Ledger > Setup > Sub Account Maintenance, you define valid codes for each segment
  • For example, the Location segment has East, West and Central

Account Maintenance

  • Once the pieces are defined, you can put them together to create the accounts.
  • Use caution if you use the General Ledger > Utilities > Generate Accounts:
    • Use caution as your chart of accounts quickly become get very large
    • You may not need segments repeated for all accounts



Product Line Maintenance

  • Go to Inventory > Setup > Product Line Maintenance
  • The Post by Warehouse checkbox will substitute the warehouse segment (defined below) with the code per warehouse (also defined below)
  • If you want to use a Core/Main Sales account for the product line, you may define it here.

Warehouse Code Maintenance

  • You need to define the code to substitute for each warehouse.
  • Go to Inventory > Setup > Warehouse Code Maintenance
    • The segment code does not have to match the warehouse code

Sales Order Options

  • Post sales to GL by Warehouse
    • Must pick EITHER Division(Customer) or Warehouse (Location)
      • Can’t do both
    • Most people don’t use Divisions
      • (In this example, the product line is specific to this customer division)


If you did want to post by Division, you would set it up in Accounts Receivable > Setup > Division Maintenance

Sales Order Invoice Data Entry

  • In this example, Revenue posts to Sales account 400-01-01-1 for:
    • Sales segment (400) is determined in Product Line Maintenance
    • Customer Segment (01) comes from Product Line Maintenance. It is not substituted because the setting in Sales Order Options is by “warehouse” not “Yes.” 
    • Location (01) was substituted in because the posting is by Warehouse
    • Product Lines (1) is defined in Production Line Maintenance.


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