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Introducing Sage 100 2018 

Introducing Sage 100 2018

Sage 100 and 100c Version 2018 are now available. This newest version includes enhancements for Job Cost, warehouse management, bar coding, and a rollout of the long‐anticipated Payroll 2.0. Let’s take a closer look (note: some of the features covered in this article are for Sage 100c only).

Job Cost and Payroll 2.0

With Sage 100 2018, both the Job Cost and Payroll modules have been totally redesigned and modernized to improve performance and usability. In both modules, many tasks have been reorganized to provide a better workflow and more efficient data entry. In particular, the following interface enhancements have been applied:

• Data entry grids have been implemented to improve efficiency
• Selection grids are available on most report task windows and elsewhere
• Calculator buttons have been added to dollar amount fields
• Calendar buttons have been added to date fields
• Hyperlinks to related tasks have been added where applicable

Note: As a result of the extensive improvements to Payroll, the TimeCard module is not currently compatible with Payroll 2.0. However, a compatible version of TimeCard will be released in a product update during the first half of 2018.

Inventory Management and Bar Coding

In the Inventory Management module, new status settings are now available to help you better manage warehouses:

Inactive – for a warehouse that’s no longer in use. Setting inactive status will make the warehouse unavailable for selection in any data entry tasks.

Restricted – for a warehouse still in use but requires a temporary restriction. This could be useful ifyou need to perform a physical inventory count for example.

The Bar Code module has been renamed and is now called Mobility for Bar Code (available for Sage 100c only). In a nutshell, a variety of functions and tasks have been added to the bar code interface, making it easier to leverage Scanco’s mobile app (for Apple iOS and Android) in order to process transactions like data entry, receipt of goods, inventory counts, and much more using a handheld mobile device.

New Spell Check Feature

With Sage 100 2018, you can now spell check documents in several areas including comments, memos, and messages that print on forms (Sage 100c only). Misspelled words are identified by underline and you can then right‐click them to choose a replacement word from a list of options, add the word to your personal dictionary, or ignore the misspelled word. In addition when adding a multi‐line user‐defined field (UDF) to a screen, you can select whether to enable spell check.

Update Available for Sage 100 2017.3

In addition to the Sage 100 2018 release, an update for Sage 100 2017.3 is also available. It includes program fixes as well as updates to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, and Bill of Materials.

Upgrading to Sage 100 Version 2018

In addition to the new features mentioned in this article, there are a variety of global enhancements added across other modules like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable,
and Reporting. For full details of all enhancements, changes, and things to consider before upgrading, refer to the following guides:


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