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They're BACK! Live Networking - Oh how we missed you!

They're BACK! Live Networking - Oh how we missed you!

When spring hits, certain changes are expected. Temperatures rise to remind us that good days are ahead. The sun shines a little brighter, for a little longer each day. Life begins to wake from hibernation. And in the Sage 100 channel, conference season blooms before us!

This year more than any other, live networking is a welcome change from the dreary winter (is it just me or has winter seemed to last about 2 years?). As conference invites start to flow, I took a step back to realize how important face-to-face events are and reflect on what we truly might have missed out on during these past few years.

I’m not referring to vendor swag or unbelievable after-parties (not that I have anything against koozies and open bars!). However, the simple opportunity to be immersed in a culture of like-minded individuals who experience the same struggles and successes has been greatly missed! There is a psychological revitalization that occurs you just cannot get from webinars and on-camera meetings. (Plus, you never have to worry if you are on mute or if the dog is barking in the background when you are face-to-face at a conference!)  

When You Get It, YOU GET IT

How often in our “work lives” do we experience a situation that cannot be explained to anyone in our “home life”? Certain frustrations and accomplishments can never be understood unless you have endured them personally. How often have we walked into the room to vent the frustrations or celebrate the wins of the day, only to meet a glazed, deer-in-the-headlights look from our loved ones.

Imagine the reaction you would get with - “Hi honey, I had to manually remove 296 data file and display maintenance records today”. (In my house, that would get me AT BEST a blank stare followed by “is that a good thing?”) Those that understand this “Sage 100 Language” get it because they have LIVED through similar experiences and can empathize.

There is a strength gained when talking to someone and you realize (with massive relief) that they have understood every word you said!

We Are NOT Alone

I am personally delighted that Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting has started planning our IN-PERSON User Conference for October 19th, 2022. Talking face-to-face with customers, vendors and our alliance partners will be a much needed “recharge” of the batteries. The opportunity to hear struggles, solutions, bounce new ideas around and celebrate the simple fact that, as a Sage 100 Community, we are stronger together. I am doubly lucky this year to also be attending the 90 Minds 2022 Meeting of the Minds event May 12th – 14th in Newport Beach. I have known some of the 90 Minds members for years and the chance to reconnect has me packing my bags already!

No matter what conferences you ultimately choose to attend this year, I hope everyone has the chance to step back and appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with your peers…….And of course, may your koozies and open bars runneth over!


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