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Go Paperless to Better Manage Your Data

Go Paperless to Better Manage Your Data

If you’re like today’s average office worker, you probably deal with a great deal of paper – coming in, going out, passing through your organization – every day. Effectively tracking those various documents is both costly and hard to do. What happens when the invoice you leave on a coworker’s desk gets buried under other files? Even when documents are scanned to a file share, data is difficult to find: perhaps a coworker hasn’t followed proper naming conventions or saved in the correct folder, leaving you at a disadvantage when a customer calls asking for previous order information.

The need to manage data is widespread, spanning all industries and departments – but it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

With document management software integrated to your Sage ERP, you will have greater control and visibility of the data so critical to your business. It will help you manage people, processes and data for a competitive advantage.

Accounting, for instance, will be able to minimize data entry (thus reducing the risk of human error), have greater visibility, and manage invoice approvals by leveraging existing data in Sage ERP.

Accounts Receivable can automate quick invoice delivery in any format the recipient wants. The software can pull together related documents too, delivering customer PO and delivery receipt along with the invoice.

Chief Financial Officers can utilize a document management solution to manage compliance and risk and Chief Information Officers can rest assured that company data is secure – as specific rights can be granted to specific users (filtered through any values you choose such as company name, department, document type, etc.). A document management solution will store file histories as well, enabling organizations to see who has accessed files and how.

With a solution like DocLink, you will be able to capture and index documents in all shapes and forms from anywhere (even your phone); search for and retrieve those documents from any device; utilize configurable automated workflow to improve your business processes; automate the output of documents; and create configurable forms.

If you are considering better ways to manage your data enterprise-wide, ask Vrakas/Blum about DocLink by Altec!

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