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Gain Better Visibility with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Automation

Gain Better Visibility with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Automation

DiamondPartner__Color_RGBManaging critical data and processes with spreadsheets or legacy accounting and ERP systems becomes more challenging as your business grows. Lack of integration between your accounting / ERP systems and your manufacturing systems remains a significant pain point for businesses with older technology.

For businesses that have complex supply chains or complex products, there’s a lot of data there—product master files, bills of materials, all the way through to the sale and financials attached to it. You need full visibility across all of those components and you can achieve it with Sage 100cloud.

Single Source of Truth

Sage 100cloud provides finance, sales, administration, procurement, and production with a “single source of truth.” This information connects workflows, creates greater visibility across the business, and empowers more intelligent decision-making. With one application that’s driving everything, no one has to re-key data at every step of the process, and everybody has visibility to the same information.

Once you have automated all those tedious tasks, employees have space to start to stretch in a way that helps grow the business. People grow in their jobs as the system does more. You can deliver better customer service. You’re transforming from need-to-know information to visibility that truly helps the business more strategically.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

One of the bigger challenges of legacy systems is limited reporting functionality and, more importantly, the ability to generate actionable insights from reports. For example, without integrated costing, it might be a month before you know if you’re jobs are profitable. And it’s hard, if not impossible, to react to changing conditions such as cost overruns or other market changes.

When considering a replacement ERP system, it’s critical to look for functionality that enables quick, efficient, and accurate data analysis. This will allow you to make better decisions based on real-time insights as well as to optimize budget planning cycles. You want to reduce reliance on guessing and gut instincts.

Intelligent reporting is crucial to attaining visibility and get the context necessary to help management teams better plan for the future. This capability assumes that you have timely and accurate access to data across your business, and that you can distribute that data. You want to turn data into information that you can make decisions on today—things that impact your profitability right now.

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