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Trim Your Item List with Sage 100cloud Product Configurator

Trim Your Item List with Sage 100cloud Product Configurator

Do you have tens of thousands of items and bills of materials in your Sage 100cloud system? How many of them have only been used once? You’re not alone. With automation like the Product Configurator module, you can keep your item list neat and concise.

Manufacturing companies that offer custom products typically create a new item and bill of materials for each unique configuration. By using the Product Configurator module in Sage 100cloud Operations Management, you can wrangle that list into something manageable, and keep it that way.

Rules that Validate to Avoid Incompatible Options

Do you need a tool that can help you accurately configure a customized product without going to engineering every time? With the rules you created, the Product Configurator can eliminate incompatible options and create dependencies that will produce a valid configuration. For example, a door manufacturer might need to adjust the options so that if a hollow door is ordered, they only display options for a hollow door, and don’t allow you to select an option that is only available on a solid door.

Dynamically Generated Routing and Bill of Materials

The Product Configurator will dynamically build your quote or sales order, including all line items and upcharges. Easily send that to your customer so they can confirm that's what they want. But if they want to change something, you can easily reconfigure that line, change the quote to an order, and it’s good to go.

Unique Identifiers Leave a Breadcrumb Trail

The Product Configurator takes a generic configurable item and dynamically builds the router and bill of materials for that configuration with the associated smart part number. The smart part number gets saved in history and is now the unique identifier.

Easy to Create Multiple, Similar Quotes

Because the Product Configurator enables you to start your current configuration with the last configuration that was run, it saves you time when you have someone that wants slightly different options. You can use the last one you created and add or remove options easily.

Templates Save You Time

Once you’ve created a configuration you’ll have the option to save that configuration as a template. That way, if there are common configurations that are in a catalog or promo, you can save those as templates. When someone needs that item, it’s quick to pick that template without having to select any features or options, which saves time.

Quick Capable-to-Promise Calculations

Another optional module for Operations Management is the Enhanced Scheduling module. This module contains a helpful feature that is called “capable to promise”. This calculation allows you to quickly estimate a promise date for this product if they place the order now. The system will examine the required material inventory as well as the available capacity to advise you of any constraints impacting your estimated promise date.

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