Sage 100cloud: Discrete Manufacturing Transformation Tips

Stacy Schultz
Discrete Manufacturing

manufacturing-jobOpsWith increased customer expectations comes the pressure to invest in initiatives to modernize systems, processes, and practices. Here, we’ve summarized the discrete manufacturer’s transformation tips to help achieve these goals for a changing world.


Discrete Manufacturing and the Modern Manufacturer

Let’s start by understanding what ideal looks like for the modern manufacturer:

  • They know what’s happening at all times throughout the organization enabled by data-centric visibility across processes and systems.
  • They have adopted agile development thinking and are far less focused on just product development.
  • They operate with a vision to ensure business resiliency and manufacturing flexibility.
  • They seek to constantly optimize processes and rely heavily on the cloud for automation.

Transformation Tip 1 - Sharing is Caring

Historically, businesses have suffered from data silos to the point of being a stereotype. What was once the accepted norm is now the enemy in data-centric corporate cultures. Modern discrete manufacturers know they get more value from sharing information, especially operational and financial data. To be successful at scale, Modern Manufacturers must know what’s happening at all times everywhere from sales to suppliers. They rely on cloud connected systems, such as Sage 100cloud, to aggregate and automatically analyze their data to get the insights they need to make decisions.

Transformation Tip 2 - Adopt Agile Thinking

The recent upheaval in the supply chain and consumer spending have forced the Modern Manufacturer to rely on their agile thinking to look for creative ways to cut costs, maintain delivery rates, and maintain business continuity. Successful companies are focusing on giving their leaders access to new methodologies and tools to focus on process development innovations and how they are managed for optimal outcomes at the lowest costs.

Transformation Tip 3 - Vision for Resilience

In a growing economy, we tend to forget about what it takes to be resilient in the face of flux. The Modern Manufacturer has an inherent mindset that seeks the utmost flexibility, which in turn enables adaptability and resiliency when they need it most. They rely on systems like Sage 100cloud to see opportunities to shorten life cycles, save money, or proactively manage supply chain disruption.

Transformation Tip 4 - Holistic Optimization

The Modern Manufacturer considers optimization holistically, not just on the shop floor and not just within your own company. The discrete manufacturing process is composed of upstream and downstream dependencies and processes that should be considered when thinking about streamlining. The most successful manufacturers are increasingly turning to cloud-driven automation to aggregate and analyze data from their own company, as well as integrations with other apps and data sources to see opportunities at any stage of these interconnected chains. They are alerted to actions required to mitigate loss or delays.

Enjoy the Upside of Modern Manufacturing

By utilizing Sage 100cloud with Sage Operations Management, you can optimize production, provide accurate order status, achieve on-time deliveries within budget and gain insights across the complete product lifecycle.

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