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How to Implement Sage 100cloud Manufacturing KPIs

How to Implement Sage 100cloud Manufacturing KPIs

In order to remain competitive and profitable, discrete manufacturing companies often implement manufacturing KPIs to help them understand and react to changing scenarios. As the need for more useful and quicker insights grows, so has the reliance on outdated and ill-functioning software. 

manufacturingSuccessful discrete manufacturing companies avoid the manual collection and duplicate data entry that’s common to legacy software. Like them, you can avoid analysis paralysis by using Sage 100Cloud software purpose built for manufacturing businesses. Find out what types and see examples of manufacturing KPIs you can manage using Sage 100Cloud manufacturing software.

Manufacturing Industry Financial KPIs

Your finance and accounting data hold a wealth of financial insights, so the data you need for financial KPIs likely already exists somewhere. Often the trick is finding it within the mountain of standard reports and spreadsheets, making insights difficult or impossible to detect.

Using Sage 100Cloud manufacturing software, it’s much easier to manage data collection, data analysis, and calculations to help you measure these financial KPIs for example:

  •     Days in Accounts Receivable
  •     Backlog to Working Capital
  •     Months in Backlog
  •     Return on Assets
  •     Return on Equity
  •     Asset Turnover
  •     Fixed Asset Ratio

Manufacturing Industry Non-financial KPIs

In order to really identify the root-cause of what’s underlying your financial results, it’s important to measure and track trending on non-financial manufacturing KPIs. Understanding the actual cause and effect will help you avoid wasted improvements or adjustments that won’t actually move the needle.

Here are some examples of non-financial KPIs many successfully growing manufacturing companies use inside Sage 100Cloud manufacturing software to take action that leads to positive outcomes:

  •     Productivity Below Estimate
  •     Change Requests Overdue
  •     Defects Identified
  •     Safety Incident Count
  •     Labor or Expenses Exceeding Actual or Committed Budget

Smart Software Makes KPI Management Easy

Utilizing a comprehensive solution for automating job management functions for manufacturing is the easiest way to see and manage your manufacturing KPIs. For accounting teams overwhelmed by spreadsheets, Sage 100cloud Manufacturing is an automated solution for the complex aspects of discrete manufacturing job management.

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing is built to work seamlessly with Sage 100cloud (formerly MAS 90, MAS 200 and Sage 100c) systems, so that small to mid-market companies get an integrated ERP solution that provides your most important operations and financial information from a single source.

Successful discrete manufacturing companies rely on the real-time system that Sage 100cloud Manufacturing provides, including the following capabilities:

  •     Estimating and Quoting
  •     Sales and Work Orders
  •     Planning
  •     Scheduling
  •     Cost Tracking

Cloud Connectivity Plus a Hosted Solution

You don’t have to choose between easy cloud connectivity or an on-premise hosted solution. With Sage 100cloud Manufacturing, you get the benefits of both which means you can upgrade on your own schedule and still take advantage of new product innovation. Simplify your financials by increasing collaboration with Sage 100cloud’s mobile access.

You can easily configure your application’s settings as well as the environment because of Sage 100cloud’s open code base. It’s easy to customize the application to your unique needs and processes by adding new data fields relevant to your company. And with custom scripting, you can automatically import data from across various platforms to further automate your processes.

See how these solutions can increase your discrete manufacturing company’s profitability by streamlining your processes and measuring the critical financial and nonfinancial KPIs with experts that know Sage 100cloud and the manufacturing industry. Contact us today!

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