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Sage 100 Manufacturing Pricing Automation Eliminates Pesky Price Sheets

Sage 100 Manufacturing Pricing Automation Eliminates Pesky Price Sheets

4 Ways to Set Up Sage 100 Manufacturing Pricing Automation

Imagine if you could avoid maintaining and distributing price sheets to your Sales teams? Wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone on the same page on pricing? You can save time and create consistency for your teams and your customers with Sage 100 Manufacturing pricing automation.

If you’re like a lot of companies in manufacturing, the process of managing pricing is growing in complexity in ways that didn’t even exist years ago. And as your company grows, the manual nature of pricing management will quickly get out of control. Keeping track of standard pricing, volume pricing, quantity discounts, or group pricing with manual procedures and spreadsheets will become impossible and costly.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

In a recent webinar, our very own Vakas/Blum Computer Consulting's Sales & Consulting Specialist, Jesse Braun, presented Sage 100 customer pricing automation. Built inside your Sage 100, customer pricing automates pricing-related functions that are repetitive, saving you time and creating consistency. Your Sales and Customer Service teams will see pricing right in Sage 100 when they’re entering an order so they can base prices on cost or standard pricing. The system puts the pricing in for you automatically.

Watch this YouTube video for a 25-minute webinar on Customer Pricing in Sage.  

4 Types of Pricing You Can Manage

Customer pricing for Sage 100 manufacturing offers a useful set of built-in pricing methods. There are more pricing methods available if you incorporate Sage Operations Management. 

  1. Base Pricing on Last or Average Cost

One of the most helpful features is the ability to base your markup on your last cost or average cost. Pricing is based off standard cost but standard cost can be updated to match average or last cost.

The automatic cost and price change allows you to factor in the fluctuating costs of goods into your pricing. Once updated, you’ll have the latest cost pricing factored into your markup so your pricing is based on the latest so your pricing is right where you need to be to maintain profitability, or worse yet, end up selling items at a loss. The unpredictable nature of supply chains, right now and for the foreseeable future, makes this feature indispensable.

  1. Quantity Breaks and Thresholds

For companies that offer quantity breaks, Sage 100 manufacturing customer pricing makes it simple to set the threshold and price break for up to five tiers. Standard pricing remains in effect until your order quantity enters a discount tier. Sage 100’s interface shows you the quantity, the discount amount applied, and the unit price so there’s no guessing.

  1. Limited-Time, Promotional Discounts

Sage 100 makes it easy to start and end promotional pricing for a certain period of time for a sale or for a season. As well, you can leave the end date blank in Sage 100 and the promotion will continue indefinitely. If your customer’s pricing is actually better than the limited-time promotion, Sage will use the best price for the customer if the promotion is more than their standard price. This is a great way to protect your loyal customers from being overcharged.

4. Retail Pricing Markup

For some companies that have largely wholesale customers, a need has emerged to actually markup standard pricing for the occasion retail customer who doesn’t qualify for your Wholesale, aka standard, pricing. In cases where you need to increase standard pricing instead of decrease it, you can actually use a price negative or a negative discount. Sage 100 will increase the standard price when it sees a negative discount amount or percentage.

Get an Expert on Your Side

To see how these solutions can increase your company’s profitability and streamline your processes through, contact the experts that know Sage 100 and the Manufacturing industry.

Call us 262-797-0400 or visit our site to contact Vrakas/Blum today.

Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting, Inc. (VBCC) is proud to be the #1 Solution Provider of Sage 100 manufacturing software for the 15th consecutive year. We are humbled by this honor and will be celebrating this achievement with our clients and alliance partners that made this possible.

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