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Why Customers Love Shopping with Sage 100cloud eCommerce Integration

Why Customers Love Shopping with Sage 100cloud eCommerce Integration

sage 100cloud ecommerce integrationMake it Easier for Customers to Shop with Sage 100cloud eCommerce Integration

Looking ahead to the end of 2021 and into 2022, we see customer expectations continuing to rise. Online shoppers want to place their orders wherever and however they prefer and now demand a great user experience and the utmost convenience. If you’re worried that your technology isn’t ready to support the expectations of today’s demanding eCommerce shoppers, read more about how a Sage 100cloud eCommerce integration automates and enables what your shoppers need to find you and want to keep coming back.

An Easy Checkout Experience is a Must

Nowadays compared to the early days of eCommerce, shoppers are less tolerant of clunky, confusing, and repetitive user experiences. “I’m trying to give you my money! Why are you making it so hard?” is a common complaint.

An eCommerce solution with Sage 100cloud integration will make a number of features easy for you to meet the demands of your shoppers:

  • Current pricing: With your ERP and eCommerce integrated, your shoppers always see the most up-to-date pricing. Once they’ve logged into your site, Sage 100 already knows everything about them, so the checkout form will be pre-filled for them, reducing repetitive data entry for your shopper.
  • Real-time availability: Your eCommerce site and your ERP will reflect the same real-time availability data, so there is very little chance you have to disappoint someone because what they ordered is out of stock.

Price Isn’t the #1 Deciding Factor Anymore

In a recent study, eCommerce shoppers that were surveyed named price their fourth most important factor for selecting an online shop. Ahead of price, they were more concerned about convenience, shop-ability, and variety. What this means for your eCommerce company is that it’s not enough to have the best price on the Internet anymore. Shoppers are gravitating towards the convenience and ease of a great online shopping experience.

With a Sage 100 eCommerce integration, you can now attract new shoppers and retain the customers you already have more easily by offering them features they’ve come to expect and seek out when ready to make their purchase. For example, with Sage 100cloud integrated with your eCommerce, you can offer the ability to:

  • Order lookup and repeat orders: Repeat shoppers are the best thing in the world. You’ve already paid the cost to acquire them, so any subsequent orders have the potential to be more profitable. So we’ve made it as easy as possible for repeat shoppers, particularly those in B2B, to lookup and repeat and order or buy an item again and again.
  • Pay one or many invoices easily: Your Sage 100 eCommerce integration includes an optional bill-paying portal. Your customers can see all their invoices, select one, all, or some of their invoices for payment, and pay with a credit card. All this data is automatically synced to your Sage 100cloud ERP via the eCommerce integration and marked as paid instead of pending, so there’s no more double data entry for you.

To see how these solutions can increase your eCommerce company’s profitability and streamline your processes through integration, contact the experts that know Sage 100 and the eCommerce industry. Contact Vrakas/Blum today.

Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting, Inc. (VBCC) is proud to be the #1 Solution Provider of Sage 100 manufacturing software for the 15th consecutive year. We are humbled by this honor and will be celebrating this achievement with our clients and alliance partners that made this possible.

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