Benefits of Using Sage 100cloud Integrated with CRM

by Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting

The Importance of Sage 100cloud Integrated with CRM

A perfect storm of high customer expectations, more choices, and price sensitivity has manufacturers looking high and low for ways to compete and thrive. An often-overlooked tactic is combining the power of Sage 100cloud integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to increase sales, deliver delightful customer experiences and streamline support. Here’s how Sage 100cloud and Sage CRM work together to help your manufacturing business grow.

CRM is a business process and a software type. Your manufacturing business likely has any number of sales, marketing, and operations activities related to individual customers. If you’re relying on spreadsheets to coordinate all these activities, that will be very hard to scale, create reports, or use.

If you already utilize CRM software, but it’s not integrated with your Sage 100cloud ERP, you’re missing out on a lot of capabilities that customers expect and your team really needs to be optimally productive.

Sage 100cloud and Sage CRM are integrated, which means the two solutions communicate in real-time, keeping everything in sync. This way, your CRM users have access to the back-office data they will need and your ERP users have access to the sales, marketing, and customer service data they will need.

Benefits of an Integrated CRM

Here are a few examples of the benefits realized by companies that integrated Sage CRM with Sage 100cloud:

Improved productivity - Sage CRM becomes your single source for all business contacts. This means you’ll see improved collaboration and efficiencies across your company. The integrated system organizes and consolidates ERP and CRM contact information into one reliable source. Managing and segmenting customers, prospects or partners is much simpler and fully automated.

Your team members can quickly create quotes and orders in Sage CRM using data from Sage 100cloud, including customer credit limits, pricing and availability. Quotes and orders get automatically synced with Sage 100cloud.

Increased customer loyalty - Customers expect top-notch, fast customer service regardless of the way they choose to communicate with your company. This function is nearly impossible to provide without an ERP and CRM integration. Sage CRM provides the information your team members need to answer any customer question. Using Sage CRM, your teams can see your customer’s service request or payment history, order status, unresolved customer cases and quotes.

This type of integrated system also eliminates the need for your customers to “tell their story several times.” Any person that is helping that customer can see previous and current service requests, notes, and other customer information in the CRM, so they know exactly what’s going on with your customer repeating themselves.

Increased controls and accuracy - Eliminating manual processes reduces the errors caused by data entry or bad formulas. Everyone is working from the most accurate data because it’s all being updated across the ERP and CRM in real-time. So when you adjust a customer’s information in the CRM, it automatically updates that record in the ERP.

It is much easier to control who has access to what when you use an integrated ERP and CRM solution. Sage 100cloud and Sage CRM are modern Sage solutions built so that you can easily define and control user permissions and access. Data integrity is maintained via an automatic synchronization between Sage CRM and Sage 100cloud.

Getting Started Is Easy

To see how these integrated solutions can increase your company’s productivity and streamline your processes, contact the experts that know Sage 100cloud and the Manufacturing industry.         
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